Buy bitcoin in india

Buying bitcoin and other altcoins has become very difficult. But don’t worry today we will teach you how you can legally buy bitcoin in India.

Many bitcoin exchange in India like unocoin, zebpay has stopped buying or selling of cryptocrurrency in India.

What is bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is like digital money. It works on block hain technology. You can transfer bitcoin to any one in this world almost instantly. And directly. It works on peer to peer. Without the involvement of any middle man.

How bitcoin works ?

Let’s understand this , When we need to send money to other people then bank acts like middleman and tracks. Like whom we are sending and how much we are sending.

But in case of bitcoin or other altcoins we directly transfer from person to person. Without involvement of a middleman.

How to legally buy bitcoin in India ?

Bitcoin price is like roller coaster. No body knows when and how much up it goes and how much down it may go. Cryptocurrency are very volatile. Before investing your money in bitcoin you should also understand its risk.

So let’s start our tutorial.

  1. If you are using android phone download Koinex app from playstore. Or you can go to .
  2. Now register by entering your details.
  3. After a successfully registration you need to verify yourself by uploading your pan card, and bank details.
  4. After successfully uploading your duccuments wait for sometimes. And they will verify your kyc.
  5. After kyc verification you can start trading bitcoin and other altcoins. By adding money to your wallet.

Adding money to your koinx wallet

  • Go to wallet tab.
  • Then click on INR wallets.
  • Click on deposit and then new deposit.
  • Select amount between 1ooo to 2 lakh.
  • Then joined will match you with other users who is withdrawing money from koinex.
  • Wait sometimes and it will match.
  • After matching click on complete. And you will get details where you have transfer money.
  • Then transfer the money you selected to given upi I’d or bank account. While transferring don’t forget to add Remarks.
  • And don’t forget to enter your reference number , which you get when you transfer money.
  • After entering reference number click on mark paid. And after sometimes you will get money to your koinx wallet. And you can start trading.


You can buy bitcoins and other altcoin legally in India Using koinx.


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